Special lines for power supply snapped in capital of Chin state


The special lines for supply of electricity to VIP’s in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma were snapped by the local authorities since the last week of this month.

The government had provided special lines to hotels, monasteries of Buddhists, army camps, civil hospitals and homes of government officials during the tenure of the military government in Burma, said a local.

“Now, these lines of hotels and monasteries have been cut. The VIP lines will be removed to maintain equality in supply to public areas,” said a local.

A local newspaper reported that the special lines were removed by the government on public demand to supply power to all areas regularly.

“There was no equality in electricity supply. We get power once in four days in public areas of the capital. The supply to VIPs was regular. Students are finding it difficult to study for lack of regular power,” said a town elder from Hakha.

The demand is for 5000 Kilowatts in the capital, but the supply is only 700 kilowatts, said a staff of electric power station.

Local people of various towns of Chin state have been demanding more electricity and in some places people have submitted complaints to the electricity department demanding regular power supply.


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