Special development region motion for Chin state in Hluttaw session


The motion for Chin state, Burma to recognize it as a special development region will be submitted to the Hluttaw session by the Chin Progressive Party (CPP) of Chin state the poorest state in Burma.

The development proposal forthe state will include road communication, education and industry and be submitted in the Hluttaw session which started on 22 August in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Burma.

“Chin state is poor and undeveloped compared to other states and division in the country and the government has the responsibility to develop it,” said Mr. No Than Kap, the President of CPP and Chin minister of Sagaing division.

He continued that the session this time is more gratifying than before to discuss and submit motions by Hluttaw representatives.

“We can discuss freely without any restraint, I think that the session will become useful,” said No Than Kap.

Almost all the motions of opposition party’s Hluttaw representatives were rejected in the session earlier. But now, the session has become more constructive in intention.

The United Nations Development Program reported on June that Chin state is the poorest compared to other divisions and states of Burma with 73.3% per cent people living below the poverty line. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the government Planning and Economic Development Ministry and then joined later by another UN agency, UNICEF, and the Swedish International Development Agency.

“Road communication is mainly needed in the state because it was destroyed by the floods following heavydownpour for days in Teddim and Tonzang townships in Chin state this year,” said a member of CPP.

Similarly, the motion of appointing a minister of Chin state is to be submitted to the session by the Chin National Party as nine ministers were appointed in other states and divisions but only eight ministers were appointed in Chin state government. Khonumthung News.


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