Spate of burglaries in Than Tlang shops


Burglars, who broke into six shops around the same time on 19 October night are yet to be identified and arrested by the police in Thang Tlang Town, northern Chin state, Burma.

“A drug store, a general store, a tape recorder repairing shop, two restaurants and a goldsmith’s outlet situated on the main road of Than Tlang were burgled. Goods of around 5 lakh Kyats were stolen,” said a local.

The thefts were carefully planned and executed by a gang of thieves. The simultaneous burglaries are being investigated by the local police, said a police officer in Than Tlang.

Local people have urged the authorities and social youth groups to identify the thieves.

“Local authorities never take measures to prevent thefts and other law and order problems,” said a local.

The drug store belongs to Pu Tluang Uk, the general store is owned Pu No Chum, the tape repairing shop to Pu Cu Lian, and the goldsmith is Aye Lay. Owners of the two restaurants, which were broken into could not be identified.


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