Soldiers extort money from bull traders


Soldiers of the Burmese Army, extorted money from a bull trader recently, local people in Rihkhawdar, Indo-Myanmar border town alleged.


On June 30, Sergeant Myo Mint, Lance Corporal A. Sein and Private Kyaw U based at LIB 268 military camp in Rihkhawdar new town, Falam township, Indo-Myanmar border extorted Ks. 20 lakhs for 20 bulls from a trader at Tui Sen Phai village in Tidim township.


A local said that the owner of the bulls, Mang Siang Mung had purchased 20 bulls in Kalaymyo, Sagaing region, and was taking them to Mizoram state, India to sell them, but the soldiers extorted money from him enroute.


“He will not get any profit from the sale,” said a local.


Normally, bull traders spend at least a month on the way for trading bulls between Kalaymyo and Mizoram north east state of India.


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