Soldiers check travelers without reason


Those travelling in Matupi Township of Chin state, Burma are being checked at army check points by Infantry Battalion (304) personnel based in Matupi without any reason.

“As in earlier times, army personnel began checking travelers visiting from Dai areas in Matupi’s army check gate. Soldiers collected guest lists, which were submitted by the travelers. And then soldiers checked travelers pockets and national identity cards,” said a Madu villager of Matupi.

Local people are apprehensive of the motive of the new government administration of Burma given the tight security in the region. Local army personnel and the people were into a good relationship after the new government of Burma was formed.

“The people do not serve as army porters any longer. But the checks have started again,” said a local.

The Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 140 and Infantry Battalion No. 304 are based in Matupi, but LIB No.140’s army personnel are not checking travelers from northern part of Matupi Town.

The army camps were expanded by the new government of Burma in Paletwa Township along Matupi and Paletwa Township from August 2012. Khonumthung news


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