Soldier attempts to rape Chin woman




A soldier, personal no. 371850 under LIB (269) based in Rizua town, Matupi township, Chin state, under the command of Colonel Aung Tu Win, attempted to rape a Chin woman on June 10.  A source said that a soldier, Myo Tuya Kyaw, who was inebriated, attempted to rape the woman going for cultivating land. His friend was sleeping.

“It seems that his friend was asleep and Myo Tuya Khaw followed the woman and threw her on the ground, then hit her with a shovel when she tried to escape, but fortunately some villagers saw them and saved her,” a local told Khonumthung News.

The woman has received medical treatment in Rizua Civil hospital for her injuries on the back and eyes. Although her injury is not serious she has a heart problem.

A source said that the soldier Myo Tuya Khaw has been sent to Maupi town from the local military camp by the commandant and his case will be trialed by the Mindat district court in the general administrative office in Chin state.


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