Session to appoint ninth minister in Chin state


A state level extraordinary session will be held from today in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma for appointing a minister in a vacant post.

Mr. Kyaw Ngein, Mining and Forest Minister told Khonumthung that the particular session will discuss appointing a new minister in the vacant post of the state.

“A new minister will be appointed. Currently, only eight ministers have been appointed for the state” said Mr. Kyaw Ngein.

Nine ministers were appointed in the Chin state government when the new government was formed in Burma, but Mr. Kui Thang of the USDP of Kanpalet township No. 1 constituency was expelled as a temporary measure after a complaint to the President of Chin state government over minimum age requirement.

Mr. Kui Thang is to be appointed as Minister of Energy, Electricity to fill the vacant ministry in Chin state.

The present Chin state ministries are, Security and Border (2) Finance and Planning (3) Economics (4) Agriculture (5) Mining and Forest (6) Transport, Communication and Construction (7) Social (8) Administrative and Industry.

Mr. Kui Thang’s name will propose for appointment as a new minister of Chin state by the Chin National Party (CNP), said Mr. Ceu Bik Thawng, General Secretary of the party.

“Mr. Kui Thang had been appointed as a minister before. Now, we can appoint him because his age fits the requirement of the state constitution. He is also a leader of Gospel for Asia Church, ” said Mr. Thawng.

The session will replace Mr. Cin Lian Pau, Transport, Communication and Construction Minister by Mr. Ngun San Aung, retired officer of the Construction Inspection Department of Chin state.

It is learnt that the session will be concluded tomorrow and the respective representatives will not be allowed any questions in the session.

The government of Chin state has been divided into three assembly sessions such as regular, extraordinary and emergency.


The present Chin state ministers are,

Mr. Hung Ngai        –             Chief Minister

1.    Colonel Zaw Min Oo –       Security and Border Minister

2.    Mr. Nan Za Mung     –       Finance and Revenue Minister

3.    Mr. Ram Mang        –        National Planning and Economic Development

4.    Mr. Van Thawng      –        Agriculture Minister

5.    Mr. Kyaw Ngein       –        Mining and Forest Minister

6.    Mr. Cin Lian Pau      –        Transport, Communication Minister

7.    Dr. Ba Maung          –        Social Minister

8.    Mr. Neng Naing       –        Administrative and Industry minister



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