Session appoints ninth minister for Chin state


A new minister of the Chin state Government was appointed at the extraordinary legislative assembly conducted in Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma yesterday and a minister has been shifted to another ministerial post.

Mr. Cin Lian Pau, former Transport and Communication Minister of Chin state government was appointed as Minister of Electricity and Energy by the session which was conducted from 10 am local time.

Besides, Mr. Ngun San Aung, former state chief of the construction inspection department was appointed as Minister of Transport and Communication by the state legislative assembly, said Mr. Zozam, President of the Chin National Party.

“The Chief Minister can appoint him, and the assembly confirmed it without any objections,” said Mr. Zozam.

“I agreed with him and am satisfied with the appointment because he has served as an engineer of the construction inspection department before,” said Mr. Zozam.

The government appointed nine ministers for Chin state, when they initiated the structuring of the ministry for states and divisions of the new government of Burma. But one ministerial post was left vacant in the Chin state ministry in an extraordinary state level legislative assembly on 19 June 2011.

Mr. Zozam told Khonumthung that the legislative assembly members proposed appointing someone to the vacant ministerial post of Chin state and the authorities consented.

“The Kaya state has nine ministries although the state population is only around 3 lakhs. Chin state’s population is around 5 lakhs, so we objected to the authorities, asking why our state should have only eight ministries. Now the vacant post has been filled,” said Mr. Zozam.

The previous Chin state ministries were Security and Border (2) Finance and Planning (3) Economics (4) Agriculture (5) Mining and Forest (6) Transport, Communication and Construction (7) Social (8) Administrative and Industry.

The state legislative assembly was concluded for 30 minutes in the capital, the session did not discuss about Mr. Kui Thang, the Union Solidarity and Development Party member who was expelled as Chin state minister over a complaint over age compliance. Khonumthung news


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