Second CNF liaison office inaugurated in Than Tlang


A second liaison office of the Chin National Front (CNF) was inaugurated in Than Tlang Town in Chin state, Burma yesterday.

The office was ceremonially opened by U Hung Ngai, Chief Minister of Chin state. Over 400 local people attended the ceremony, said Mr. Lalawmpui, an editor of the Hakha Post.

“I’m here to attend the programme. U Hung Ngai just opened the CNF’s liaison office. Local people and ministers of Chin state attended,” said Mr. Lalawmpui.

The Than Tlang Liaison office of the CNF will be operated by Pu Ral Hnin, a member of the Supreme Council of CNF along with six CNF staff members.

The first CNF’s liaison office was opened in Matupi Town of Chin state on June 23 following an agreement with CNF and the new Burma government. Three offices are to be opened in Teddim, Than Tlang and Matupi Town.

Pu Paulsitha, Secretary General-I of the CNF told Khonumthung that the office was opened to cooperate with the government, local people and the CNF during the period of political transition in Burma.

“We agreed in the first phase of peace talks with the government to co-operate with the people of Chin state, the CNF and the government. So, we are opening liaison offices in Chin state,” said Pu Paulsitha.

The local people of Than Tlang Township warmly welcomed the opening of the CNF’s liaison office. They hoped that it will improve and help understand Burmese political issues, said a town elder.

“I am satisfied as Pu Ral Hnin, head of the liaison office talked about the Burmese political situation. I think there will be more discussions on Burma’s political issues, because most people are not aware about Burma’s political situation” said a town elder.

Political parties such as the Chin National Party, Chin State National League for Democracy, Ethnic National Development Party and the Union Solidarity and Development Party members also attended inaugural ceremony.

But the CNF will not open the Teddim Town liaison office immediately, because it is under process and consultations are required with local people said Paulsitha.

A 15-point charter of agreement was signed between the CNF and the government of Burma in Hakha, the capital of Chin state in state level and Union level peace talks. Khonumthung news


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