Schools in Burundi Implemented Peace Education in Cooperation with Peace INGO


4 schools in Burundi including Rehoboth School, Le Dauphin School, Ecole Oasis Des Anges School, Lycée communal of Cashi had implemented HWPL peace education as regular curriculum for about 4 months from August to November.

HWPL, an international peace NGO known as Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, has been cooperating with the schools, institutes, or government agencies throughout Africa to support the peace education curriculum and materials.

This peace education, where more than 200 students from 4 schools participated in, was aimed to cultivate students as peacemakers by raising awareness of the importance of peace-building as well as to guide the teacher to create a culture of peace.

Mr. Antoine IRAKIZA, Principal of Lycée communal of Cashi said, “Whereas traditional education aims to educate students to avoid illiteracy and to gain their well-being life in the future, HWPL peace education refers to the “Heavenly culture” that restores the world without war and teaches the value of the light of peace, so that students can practice the value to their friends, family, and to the society they belong to.”

Each of 4 schools had carried out the peace curriculum that educates the values such as diversity, consideration, sacrifice, forgiveness, and filial piety based on the harmonious principles of nature. As ended up the curriculum last month, the participated schools and HWPL are planning to organize the peace education seminar next January in attendance with UNESCO officials.

Teacher of Rehoboth School, Mr. Hatungimana Liévain, said, “I know that peace is the pillar and the basis of all kinds of development. All of this curriculum aims to transform the world, often characterized by conflicts, into a peaceful world to bequeath it to our children. I hope all schools could join HWPL peace education and build a partnership as signing the MoU. As you know, “Many hands make the right work”.

HWPL, an INGO under UN ECOSOC and UN DGC, has signed MoUs or MoAs for peace education with more than 220 schools in 36 countries including Ethiopia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Iraq, and Guatemala and it has been officially proceeding worldwide.


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