Sanctuary plans yet to be implemented in Chin state


The plans for sanctuaries in Chin state, Burma is yet to be implemented by the central government, which had reserved 10,167 acres in 1997, during the Burma’s military government’s tenure.

The Zinghmuh mountain sanctuary areas of Falam Township were to be worked out by U Ye Htun and U Kyi Soe Win, Union Ministers between 19 and 20 October 2012.

U Aye Myint Maung, Deputy Minister for Forests said at the regular Hluttaw meeting in September that Zinghmuh Mountain was identified as a sanctuary for protecting its environs and a survey group would be sent to the site.

Zinghmuh Mountain is located between Falam and Hakha Township, 8,414 feet above sea level.

“A total of 7,000 acres was earmarked as the sanctuary area including the mountain’s surrounding areas. Three villages near Zinghmuh Mountain were also included in the areas,” said a local.

The Zinghmuh Mountain is full of various natural flowers and wild life.

“The mountain is very beautiful and local Chin Christians hold prayer services annually near the mountain. There are natural lakes and the area has a rare scenic beauty,” said a local.

The government also identified Victoria Mountain (locally called Khonumthung) the third highest mountain in the country as a sanctuary. It is located between Mindat and Paletwa Township of Chin state.


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