Saikhumphai village is border trade centre



The Minister of Trade and Commerce, Mizoram state, Lalrinliana Sai has erected a stone pillar on 14 September to mark the Indo-Myanmar border trade agreement in Saikhumphai village where many Chin people live.

The Minister invited village leaders from Saikhumphai and Vaphai village council for peace between the two villages in the future.

He said, “There are no Second Mizo (Mizo Two), all of Zo tribe are derived from one tribe. We have to forget all the chaos in the past and we have to be proud of having a Border Trade Centre for the benefit of India and Myanmar.”

Sakhumphai village chairman Pu T. Lalchawivela said, “We are very thankful to the government and are welcoming the border trade center in this place.” In the meantime Vaphai village Council President Pu Saithansiama added that he is very grateful to the Minister for eliminating the chaos between Vaphai and Sakhumphai, so it will take steps to for unity in the future.

The differences between Sakhumphai village and Vaphai village has been on for many years for deporting Chin people and burning their houses by the villagers of Vaphai.

The border trade road will cross Saikhumphai village to Leilet, Silawn, Singai, Zawngte, Thipcaang, Haimual, Thinghual, TikhuangTum, Tlangkhua, Ngatainu and Tlangzar village to Hakha town in Chin state.


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