Rwandan Citizens’ Peace Movement to Promote Peace Development in Community


On September 7th, 2019 World Peace Summit: 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit was held in Kigali, Rwanda, with the title of “2019 World Peace Summit, 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit: Golden Ingoma “Sound of Peace”.

It was organized by an international peace NGO, HWPL, to promote a culture of peace with the collective efforts of civil society.

The event included a peace quiz contest, a peace song performance, and a signing ceremony for supporting the DPCW.

The DPCW addresses the practical approaches for building peace such as the prohibition of the use of force, the development of friendly relations, and the settlement of peaceful disputes.

It also emphasizes international cooperation based on the participation of global citizens.

As a part of collective efforts to establish international law for peace based on the DPCW, HWPL has carried out “Legislate Peace” project that call for the support for the DPCW through “Peace Letter Campaign” and “Sign Your Support Campaign”.

At the event, IGIHE, the Rwandan media outlet, signed an MoU with HWPL to reaffirm the partnership to promote a culture of peace through peace journalism.

The participated journalists agreed to cooperate to raise the public awareness of peace through media.

Mr. Pierre Muyombano of Flash Radio and TV said, “Peace is everyone’s business but not everyone commits to achieving peace. Though peace is appealing to any profession and business, it is far more important to journalists.”

Mr. Jean Bosco Nshimiyimana, President of Simple Servants, said, “This summit is a well-organized platform to make all walks of life aware the importance of achieving peace. Religious people understand the responsibility for peace-building through the interfaith dialogue meeting based on their respective scriptures and politicians also agree to cooperate to meet the one goal of making a peaceful world, which is the most priority of all.”


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