Road from Matupi to Bawiza under construction


A road is being constructed between Matupi Town of Chin state, Burma and Bawiza area. The road will span 35 miles and is being built to promote development and provide for better communication in the region.

The road will help cultivation on 400 acres of paddy fields, where the local people will become self sufficient in food. The produce will be sent along the road to Matupi town and elsewhere.

“The road stretch will commence from Matupi to Tin Lawng, Lalui and Leiring villages. The road would also touch Luivang village from Bawiza areas,” said Pu Mang Lai, second in-charge of Matupi CNF’s liaison office.

The road is being constructed with a bulldozer on a self help basis and Kyat 5,000 were donated by each household of the region for bulldozer diesel costs. The road has already been laid till Tin Lawng village.

“The paddy will feed Matupi Town population once the road is complete,” said a town elder from Matupi.

The road is under construction since November 2011 by the local people and it will be completed to Bawiza area and Lui Vang village by May 2013.


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