Road construction project to start in Chin state


Work on a 92-mile stretch of road connecting Matupi and Paletwa Township, Chin state will be taken up soon by the Union Border Ministry.

The road will connect Razua, Lailenpi villages of Matupi and Sinletwa village of Paletwa..

Pu Van Cin, a representative of State Hluttaw told local people when he arrived between 19 and 26 February that road construction will be overseen by Pu Abi from Lailenpi village…

“Once the road is complete, goods from Paletwa Town will be easily despatched to Hakha, the capital of Chin state within a day,” said a trader from Hakha.

The Razua and Lailenpi stretch is navigable only during summer and the road between Lailenpi and Sinletwa is under construction by local people on a self help basis.

Sinletwa is situated on the Kaladan multi-modal transit transport project being constructed by the Indian and Burmese government. It will be useful to transport goods to Chin state.

The road in Matupi and Hakha is navigable only in summer and presently, Matupi and Paletwa road is under construction.

“We can say that the new government is focusing on the betterment of Chin state’s road communication,” said an elder from Matupi.

There is no way to connect Matupi and Paletwa Township of southern Chin state till now, although the Matupi and Mindat Road have been completed.


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