Road between Hakha and Paletwa being constructed on a self help basis


Construction of a road connecting Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma and Paletwa town, started from the first week of this month on a self help basis. The construction was led by Mara Evangelical Church (MEC).

The construction began in Sinletwa Village of Paletwa Township to Lailenpi Village of Matupi Township. The road is being constructed to reach Sinletwa village from Lailenpi village in a day.

“The road will connect to Hakha through Kaladan River, Lailenpi and Razua, sub- township of Matupi. Around 300 local people are involved in the road construction,” said a Pastor from MEC.

The MEC authorities have said that the road will connect to Hakha and Kaladan hydro modal project, and is being constructed by jointly by the Indian and Burmese governments.

“The road will be a shortcut between Hakha and Sinletwa, and people can reach Hakha in a day by vehicles” said a local.

The local people said the road will allow goods from Patletwa, Southern Chin state and Rakhine state to Hakha. And the goods from Northern Chin state will be reaching easily to Southern Chin state.

The people of Mara areas of Matupi Township also constructed a road on a self help basis system connecting Matupi and Lailenpi 3 years ago and motor bikes are using the stretch. Khonumthung news


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