Rihkhawdar Man Beheaded in MRTV Break Room


A staff member of an MRTV station in Rihkhawdar, Chin State, was beheaded on Tuesday evening in the office’s break room, according to local sources.

Kap Hlay Pyaung was a 43-year-old employee at the tv station and allegedly killed by 28-year-old Shel Thang, also known as Thang Ngar, an employee of a stone-breaking factory. He was reportedly later arrested while in possession of Kap Hlay Pyaung’s severed head.

The two men were believed to have had a personal dispute.

“The incident occurred at around 6:30 p.m. yesterday. It happened in the microwave room of the office. Kap Hlay Pyaung was beheaded by Shel Thang,” Lalpeklawma, the head of the information department in Rihkhawdar town, told Khonumthung News. “He packed the head in his sarong and he carried it into the town. Then the police arrested him,” Lalpeklawma said of Shel Thang.

The victim lived in Ward 1 of Rihkhawdar and the alleged murderer lives in Ward 2.

Kap Hlay Pyaung, a native of Suang Do village in Falam Township, is survived by his wife, Saithin Thein, and two children. She has opened a file at Rihkhawdar police station against Shel Thang.

A police officer in Rihkhawdar told Khonumthung News that Shel Thang is charged with violating Act 302 of the penal code: murder.


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