Report filed on corruption in Matupi’s electric department


A report by locals on corruption involving U Thawng Mun Mang, the Director of Matupi’s Electric Department, Chin state, Burma, was submitted to the Central Electricity Ministry of Burma this month. It is alleged that he had been collecting between 4,000 and 5,000 Kyats per month from every household in Matupi Town.

The director used to hand over 5200 Kyats to the Central Electricity Ministry per month and the rest was siphoned off by him. Electricity is supplied from Namlong hydro electric power near Matupi Town, said a local.

The report stated that diesel of a volume of 200 to 350 gallons is provided for Matupi’s electric power station but it was sold in Pakokku Town of Magwe division by Matupi electric department’s director.

“The receipts of diesel were submitted to Matupi’s office, but he always manipulated them,” said a local.

The local people said in the report letter that the dates of running the machines was manipulated for the Central Electricity Ministry and U Thawng Mun Mang was making 75000 to one lakh Kyats per month.

U Thawng Mun Mang was appointed director of Matupi’s electric department in February 2012 by the Central Government.

It is learnt that the staff of Matupi electric department were rebuked for the report being filed and U Thawng Mun Mang has reportedly told the staff that no action will be taken by the Centre on the issue.


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