Remains of Chin War Hero To Be Relocated


Villagers and local administrators are planning to move the body of a World War II-era Chin soldier in the aftermath of a natural disaster in his home community.

Col Sithu Hrang Thio’s tomb was originally set up in Falam Township’s Thanhniar village, but following a bad storm in 2015, the colonel’s descendants moved to Lungpi village, taking the remains with them.

Rev Don Hre Dun, the nephew of Sithu Hrang Thio, told Khonumthung News that they have asked the municipal committee to provide space in the municipal park for the tomb. Township administration officer Caawi met Col Hrang Thio’s grandchildren on Monday and promised that a space would be provided.

“Almost all of the village collapsed,” Rev Don Hre Dun said of the storm three years ago. “The whole village moved to a new place. There was nobody left to take care of the tomb,” he explained, adding that the family members agreed to move the tomb to a place allocated by local officials, which has not been revealed yet.

The Falam information and public relations department posted on their Facebook page that the new tomb for the Chin colonel will cost 10,000,000 kyats (US$6,225) and is expected to be completed in October 2019.

Col Hrang Thio was born in Thanhniar in 1919, to Bawi Kulh and Do Thluai. He began his career as a soldier in the Burma Regiment 2 in Maymyo—now known as Pyin Oo Lwin—in 1939.

He rose to the rank of commander of the Chin Regiment 1 and was active in the anti-fascist movement of the time.

The colonel endured serious injuries in a battle in Hlapadar village in Hmawbi Township in early August 1949. He passed away days later on August 8, at age 29 and was cremated as part of a state funeral.


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