Refresher training for CNA officers on Indo-Burma border concluded


A refresher training course for the Chin National Army (CNA) was held on the Indo-Burma border for the first time in nearly two and-a-half decades of the Chin National Front’s (CNF) revolution. The training was organized by CNF’s military affairs committee and was concluded recently.

Members of the Supreme Council, Central Executive Committee members, Central Committee members of the CNF and army officers numbering 17 attended the training conducted in the last week of October.

“This is the first time a refresher training course was held in the CNF’s revolution era. Theoretical knowledge was imparted in the training. Next time practical training will be given,” Pu Solomon, military affairs secretary of CNF said.

A crash course in public relations was also imparted in the training to be practiced in the field. Since the CNA, the armed wing of CNF will set up camps in Chin state soon following an agreement with the central government and the CNF, the CNA’s personnel will need to maintain a good relationship with local people.

“Any political party and army should have good relationship with local people and it is most important for us. I hope that the training course will help in public relation,” said a CNA personnel.

The cost for the training conducted was borne by Chin people resettled in Canada, Washington DC and Indianapolis of USA.

The CNF is the only and unique armed organization for the Chin people’s self determination, which was trained by the Kachin Independent Army following the uprising and Burmese democracy movement in 1988.


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