Rampant deforestation; Teak vanishing in Chin state


Rampant deforestation is taking place in several places in project areas of the Burmese government in Chin state.

Teak is being felled mindlessly by workers involved in road construction sites between Nginzawl and Cehkan village of Falam Township Chin state and sold off secretly, said a local. Teak wood, the world over is expensive.

“This road construction started last November and the road has been laid over only three 3 miles. Road construction workers have been cutting teak and selling to private companies “said a local from Nginzawl village.

The local police at check gates are collecting between 50,000 to 100,000 Kyats per trip and the teak is being sold to a private company in Kalemyo, Sagaing division.

The authorities prevent local people from cutting down teak trees but cut down and sold freely by road construction workers,” said a local.

Teak is being cut along Sagaing division and Chin state border areas and sold.

Besides, teak is being stolen from near Manipur River, where dam construction is on.

“The teak has vanished totally from these areas. This dam construction is on since 2005,” said a local from Falam.


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