Public fund misuse in Mindat township


A report said that the money sanction, for rebuilding natural disaster damaged community infrastructure and restore livelihood in Chin state by Ministry of Relief and Resettlement department had been misused in Mindat township, northern Chin state.

Ko Gi Uam, leader of youth in Chin Democratic Party said that although Ministry of Relief and Resettlement department had sanctioned full fund for recovering and resettlement of Awi village tract group in district no. 11 of Mindat from serious landslide in 2015, the fund had been misused by the administration group of Awi village tract group.

Awi village administration group had given Ks. 10000 per a house as first installment, but they ordered the locals to sign on the receipt of Ks. 20000 for resettlement of 54 houses in Chai village, 37 miles from Mindat, at the middle of this year.

In the second installment, though the locals must to get Ks. 300000 per a house, six houses got Ks. 200000 each and the rest of other houses got Ks. 242000. Besides, two houses, which were not listed in the record book, got Ks. 242000, he added.

Although U Theih Thang, member of state parliament in Mindat had visted to Chai village on 14 November 2016, he didn’t solve the misused of the fund; but he informed the locals not to report to the concern department about the financial scandal.

Most of Chai villagers were resettled in new location, 3 mile away from their village now.


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