Professor charged with discrimination against Chin student


A professor teaching in Pakokku University has appealed to Chin students not to report to the higher authorities regarding his verbal discrimination against a Chin student.

The Chin Literature and Culture Committee has demanded that action be taken by the Dean of students on discrimination of Chin students by Dr. Daw Khai Khai Myint, Assistant Professor of the Botany department on 2 February 2012.

However, Dr. Daw Khin Win Mu requested leaders of Chin students not to report the matter to the higher authorities as it would be an embarrassment for the university. This was said at a meeting of the Botany department in the first day of this week.

“At the meeting, the head of the department, professors, associate professors, readers and lecturers were present. From the Chin Literature and Culture Committee, Salai Hunglian, Salai Thiwin, Salai Thaitso, Mai Lipalhmui, Mai Kyi Kyi Win and I were present,” said Salai B. Zacung.

He said that reporting to the head of the department was not enough and they need to complain to the Vice-Chancellor to discuss the issue at a meeting of all heads of departments of the university.

Chin students, however feel that the professor should be transferred to another university as they will never be able to relate to her.

“Our request is that the Vice-Chancellor must look after the welfare of Chin students and must warn all lecturers in every department not to discriminate by any kind of activity or verbally. The professor must submit an explanation before elders and leaders of Chin students, heads of all departments and the Vice-Chancellor,” said B. Zacung.

Khonumthung received the latest information that the problem has been solved between at 4 and 5 pm in the university by the vice-chancellor U Chho, yesterday.

There are 46 Chin students in the IT department, 167 in the Educational collage and five in the Computer University in Pakokku.


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