Pregnant woman dies in Matupi due to doctor’s negligence


An eighteen-year old pregnant woman died because of a doctor’s negligence in Matupi civil hospital, Chin state, Burma on 27 September 2012.

Pi Khin Mar Htwe wife of Pu Ten Tung of Cawng Thai village, Matupi Township died following admission to the hospital, said a local.

“Dr. Khin Maung Kyi left for a meeting instead of getting the surgery done on the patient. The patient was prepared for the operation at 10 a.m. The patient died because the doctor did not operate on time,” said a local

The doctor later operated to save the baby after the mother’s death but the baby was already dead.

Matupi’s doctor has transferred nurses and medics to their preferred places following an understanding, said a local.

“The nurses have not been seen in our village for a long time. They are staying in their village because of an understanding with the doctor,” said a member of the village administration.

It is alleged that Dr. Khin Maung Kyi plays golf during duty hours and is found drinking and not attending the hospital regularly. The pregnant woman died due to sheer negligence by the doctor, the locals said.


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