Pre instruction for public consultation by CNF


A pre instruction for the next Chin National Front (CNF)’s public consultation was conducted at the Rev. That Dun Christian Church of Matupi, the second capital of Chin State, Burma by CNF on 17 November 2012.

Pu Thang Yen, in-charge of Matupi CNF’s liaison office, Pu Mang Lai, Second in-charge and James Roling participated with around one hundred local people from various blocks and leaders of Christian Churches, said Pu Mang Lai.

“Different tribes of Matupi such as Matu, Mara, Zotung and Dai, attended and the meeting was conducted between 11 am and 6 pm local standard time,” said Pu Mang Lai.

Pu Mang Lai addressed the meeting on the 15-point agreement reached between the CNF and the central government. Participants were briefed on the importance of civil societies and how to participate in the ‘Burma’s transition to democracy process’ by James Roling.

Pu Mang Lai told Khonumthung that a pre-instruction for CNF’s public consultation was conducted and the public consultation will be held in Chin state soon by CNF.

The participants of meeting agreed that the CNF is now involved in Burma’s ‘transition to democracy process’ and Chin people’s self determination. The meeting unanimously resolved to support the government-CNF peace talks.

The youth group of Matupi went to Ngaleng village around eight miles from Matupi and met Cingtlang youths in Ngaleng, with around 300 local people yesterday, said a local.

“We want to Ngaleng with CNF members on 27 motorcycles. The meeting was conducted in a middle school of Phaneng village. We were warmly welcomed by Ngaleng villagers and offered dinner. It was very encouraging for us,” said a youth leader.

The report said that the second union level peace talk is being processed between CNF’s delegations and the central government in Rangoon, the former capital of Burma within December 2012.


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