Police release two drug smugglers


border bright


The police authorities of Rihkhawdar, Falam sub-township, on the Indo-Myanmar border area arrested two smugglers with No.4 drugs coming from Mizoram, north east state of India. Surprisingly they were released without any action being taken.

The Rihkhawdar police outpost no.2 in-charge second commander Zaw Min Thin and other policemen arrested the two persons with 30 grams of No. 4, drugs, Indian Rupees 1000 and Kyats 5000 in cash. They were also in possession of three needles in soap boxes. However, the two persons were released immediately.
“It is very strange that they were released despite being identified as drug smugglers. In police records there was no proper entry and the police recorded the seizure as items recovered from nameless persons, said Ko Thun Aung, of Rihkhawdar town.
At the same time, a report said that the case was being handled by second commander Aung Mint, under registered case no. 4/2014 and that the police was looking for the genuine owners.


“There is no need to favour or be afraid of citizens. It ought to be handled according to the law as an illegal drug case and attempts should be made to identify the real owner, but it may not be done in reality,” he added.


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