People welcome Chief Minister’s self help health proposal


2 July 2011: The Chief Minister of Chin state, Burma, permitted setting up of a self help basic health care in Mara region. It was welcomed by the local people.

The health care planning was proposed to Mr. Hung Ngai, Chin state Chief Minister and requested it be led by Mr Aye Bi’s (evangelist) tea. The authorities permitted setting up the health care on a self help basis in the region in the last week of June.

“The health and hope health care is being permitted in Lailenpi village of Matupi Township, Chin state by the authorities and will help people” said a village elder of Mara region.

The health care will be supervised by Dr. Sa Sa a doctorate from Armenia. Now, around 300 Chin youths are being trained in computer skills and health training on the Indo-Burma border area.

“It is good news for us as we are surviving on our own in rural areas. I would like to thank the Chief Minister,” said a village elder.

Besides, the Chief Minister told local people of Mara area to start road construction on their own to connect villages and he also promised to support it.

“The self help basic health care and road construction permission will be helpful for local people” said a Christian pastor from Mara area. Khonumthung News


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