Paletwa town policemen explain water-way system



The traffic and water-way system of Paletwa – Kyauktaw, has been explained to boat owners, drivers and traders of ferry services, who also carry passengers, on 25 July by the commandant of Paletwa town police station of Chin state.

The commandant said that vehicular accidents happen in various places in Myanmar, so the higher authorities directed us to make people aware, but in Paletwa Township, Chin state, we are using only waterways transportation. So we have to be careful about our transportation system.

“This kind of awareness is necessary. Here we don’t have separate passenger boats. Passengers travel with heavy goods loaded on boats. This kind of problem has to be solved by our authorities,” said a traveller in Paletwa town.

There are six boat services daily on Paletwa-Kyauktaw waterway and it is a seven-hour journey costing Ks. 2,000 per passenger.

“A boat can carry 40 passengers, but most sit on the goods,” said a local.

In the meantime, the harbour authorities collect Ks. 80 to 3,000 for various goods in Paletwa-Kyauktaw waterway.


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