Paletwa Police Chief Denies Rape Allegation Against Police Corporal


Rumors spread on social media accused a 50-year-old police corporal at the Paletwa Police Station of raping a woman in a detention room.

Win Lwin, police chief for the station in southern Chin State, denied the accusations.

“There’s no internet service in Paletwa Township, yet rumors have been spreading on Facebook.”

He said a man in custody who suffers from mental depression and is an alcoholic spread the rumors after claiming to witness the alleged rape on November 28.

No evidence of rape was found after the alleged victim was sent to the hospital, Win Lwin said while elaborating that the woman started her menstruation a couple of days prior to the examination.

Dr. Soe Thet Win, head of Paletwa Township Health Department, wouldn’t confirm the results of the examination with Khonumthung News, explaining it would be released in court.

Awng Law Har, general administration development officer for Paletwa Township, said he didn’t know much about the allegations except that they were spread on social media.

According to Win Lwin, the accused police corporal, who suffers health problems, has applied for retirement.


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