Paletwa Marks One Week Without Electricity


For one week, Paletwa town in southern Chin State has been unable to restart its diesel-powered generator, due to a lack of fuel.

While 120 barrels of diesel sits in Sami town—also in Paletwa Township—General Administration Department officer Awng Law Har told Khonumthung News that they cannot be transported due to ongoing regional instability.

“We are unable to provide electricity to the town as of today. We cannot bring in fuel for security reasons,” Awng Law Har said.

The Burma Army has frequently clashed with the Arakan Army in Paletwa Township. All roads have been cut off linking Paletwa to Rakhine State, as well as to the town of Sami.

The fuel to power Paletwa town’s generator officially ran out on October 1. Burma’s national electricity grid does not reach the area. The generator typically provides around four hours of electricity per day.

Road blockades have led to shortages of food, fuel, and other household goods.

Teacher Aung Ma Phyu, who lives in Paletwa town, said that residents have faced difficulties due to the fuel shortage.

“We haven’t had electricity for seven nights. Some people have solar panels. People, who do not have solar panels are facing difficulties because they have to stop all work that requires electricity,” she explained.

Paletwa had frequent electricity blackouts throughout the month of September, also due to a sufficient diesel supply.


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