Pakkoku university student injured in accident


A Chin university student was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Pakkoku town, Magwe division, Burma at about 10 am local standard time on 16 February.

The injured was identified as Salai Thang Ling from Mindat Town of Chin state. He is a second year Physics student in Pakkoku University. The accident occurred near the University gate when his bike collided with a car when Salai Thang Ling was entering the university gate.

Salai Thang Ling was hurt in the head, arm and leg. He was admitted to the Pokkoku Hospital. He is recovering.

“We (students) are mediating with car drivers to solve the problem. The front of the car was also damaged,” said a Chin university student from Pakkoku.

The car driver was coming from Rangoon via Pagan and Ngawng Oo. The driver tried to escape, but Pakkoku University students and local police managed to detain him.

Salai Thang Ling was visited in hospital by teachers of Pakkoku University.

The university has been divided in Pakkoku with departments like Information and Technology and Educational, Computer. About 203 Chin students are attending the Pakkoku University. There are 46 students in Information and Technology, 167 in Educational Computer, five in the Computer University, totaling 421 Chin students.

Chin students also attend universities in Kalaymyo, Sagaing division and Pakkoku University. Khonumthung news


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