Pageant Promotes Women’s Rights


A beauty pageant was organized to empower women because in Chin society they don’t have the same equal rights as men said a female senator.

 “According to our Zomi tradition sons has advantages over daughters. It’s our tradition and customs. I don’t want to be treating children this way,” Pi Cing Ngaih Mang said.

 “Women can do many things like men. I want to highlight this.”

The senator said if women are confident they will be able to achieve more in the workforce.

The beauty pageant in Tonzang was joined by former Miss Universe Myanmar, Moe Set Wine.

Wine was in town with her Myanmar Heart’s charity to donate a water-purification system to the local high school. 

“I want women to have confidence,” said the former beauty queen. “Women’s role in our society is very large. I want them to do something good for society and their country.”

Ma Cing Ngaih Huak was crowned Miss Tonzang, receiving a prize of about US$650. The first runner-up was Ma Cing Nyik San and she won about US$450. Ma Nyung Lum Lung was second runner-up taking home a cash prize of about US$320.


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