Over hundred households relocated for airport extension


The authorities in Kalemyo, Sagaing division, Burma have relocated 165 households in Pinlung block to Taungphila village of Kalemyo to facilitate extension of the airport.

The village authorities have been pushing for proper compensation for those close to them but some households have got little by way of compensation.

“The authorities measured only the house area and did not include the compound. The government permitted 80-60 square feet, but the local authorities allowed only 60-40 square feet per-household, “said a local from Kalemyo.

Besides, the authorities have allowed one house per household no matter what the local people possessed earlier. The local authorities have relocated 165 households from Pin Lung block to Taungphila village till January 2012.

Kalemyo airport extension project is being handled by U Tayza of Air Pagan Airline Company and will also build for the relocated households.

The local people have complained to Pu No Than Kap, a.k.a John Khaw Kim Thang, Chairman of the Chin Progressive Party about the small quantam of compensation to Chin households but the local authorities are silent on this issue.

Mr. Pa Mang, Block Chairman of Pin Lung has documented and taken photographs of the block’s households relocated to Tangphila since 2009 after the local authorities ordered the local people to shift. Khonumthung news


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