Over 30 meter boxes misused by Than Tlang’s electric department


Around 30 electric meter boxes provided for Than Tlang Town have found their way to Falam Town of northern Chin state, Burma.

“The authorities provided the meter boxes through Than Tlang’s electric department. The Director, however, said that meter boxes cannot be bought by Than Tlang’s people, because of the small population, So, the Director dispatched it to Falam,” said a staff of the electric department.

The electric department has been supplying power for only four days a week in Than Tlang. Students are suffering as they lose out on study hours.

“A meter box costs 6 lakh Kyats, and it is not a priority for us. What is important is regular power supply,” said a trader from Than Tlang.

Than Tlang’s Director of the electric department was appointed from 1999 to 2006 in Than Tlang. He was transferred but the authorities reappointed him in 2007.

“We receive electricity supply when government officials visit here. Especially, students are suffering for they cannot study regularly,” said a teacher of Than Tlang.

Than Tlang Town receives supply from the Laikua hydro electric power producing 500 kilowatts and the town is being providing 30 to 40 meter boxes every year by the government.


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