One killed 14 injured in accident in Chin state


Hei Nawn Kio (38), the owner and driver of a jeep was killed in an accident near Hakha, the capital of Chin state, Burma and 14 passengers were injured on 10 April.

The jeep met with an accident, while going from Hakha to Sakta village. The jeep ran off the road on 10 April at around 8 pm (local standard time) while steering past another jeep, which was parked on the road.

A Hakha Post report said that the jeep driver died, while being removed to Hakha civil hospital.

The injured were identified as Pu Saing Tum, Pu Lian Kham, Pi Ni Men Zing and her’s kid from Phaizawng village, Pu Tin cung, Pu Zung Ki, Pu Tha Peng, Mss, Far Hlei Sung, Pi Tial Sam, Pu Cung Lian, Pi Ni Ci and Pi Thla Sui from Khuapi village, Pi Dawt Cin Sung and her two kids from Surkhua village.The injured are admitted to Hakha civil hospital.

Accidents are common in Chin state due to bad road communications. Accidents occur mainly in the rainy season.

Similarly, four persons died on the spot and seven passengers were injured near Mindat Town of northern Chin state on 7 April.


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