Old currency notes cannot be used in New Rihkhawdar border


Villagers and traders are facing problems regarding use of old currency notes on the Indo-Myanmar border trade road (2), new Rihkhawdar (Tiau) town, Chin state.


“As the town is located on the border trade road, currency flows very fast here.  The old currency cannot be used in the market, so people are facing difficulty in buying and selling,” said Pu Bawisum to Khonumthung.


Meanwhile, the authorities cannot resolve the problem as they also face the same problem, he added.


“Whatever we want to purchase the seller doesn’t accept our money and there is no new currency notes here. We don’t know what to do, even the authorities cannot solve the problem,” a woman trader in the town told Khonumthung.


This kind of problem is happening in most places in Myanmar, while in Mizoram northeast state of India, people can use all type of currency notes, and old notes can be changed at government banks.


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