Number of Doctors Not Sufficient to Treat Flu-Affected Children in Tedim


Children affected by influenza and dengue fever have been brought to Tedim public hospital, but the lack of doctors on staff has meant that not all can get the treatment they need.

According to Tedim local Htar Tawng, who recently visited the hospital, there are seven specialist doctors on staff and three assistant doctors. However, to be fully staffed, there must be three assistants for every specialist, putting the required number for Tedim at 21.

“They cannot take care of all of the patients in the hospital,” Htar Tawng explained.

The number of children currently hospitalized in Tedim was not known at the time of reporting, but three children have died this year in the hospital with the seasonal flu.

Khonumthung News tried to call the medical staff in charge of Tedim hospital to obtain comment, but could not get a response.

According to Chin State government social minister Pau Lum Ming Thang, even though there are not enough assistant doctors, Tedim hospital has more medical doctors than other townships in Chin State.

“It’s not only Tedim—also Hakha needs assistant doctors. There are not enough assistant doctors throughout the whole country,” he told Khonumthung News. “There are some specialist doctors in Tedim. I don’t think our township is that bad, because we have some more medical doctors than other townships.”

He also added that the health ministry had announced 2,000 open jobs for assistant medical doctors, but only 1,000 people reportedly applied.

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