‘Not permitting to hold conference means acting like dictator’ – Pu Sian Thun, secretary of CPP


Although the southern Chin state conference had been arranged to hold on 8-9 July in Mindat town, the permission cannot given by the state authority and all the program was flopped just before the date.

In this regards, Pu Sian Thun, secretary of CPP highlighted that, “As the state Chief Minister Pu Lian Luai and NLD government cannot authorize to give the permission to hold the conference, it means acting like dictator, as all the decision had been made by the Central” on his facebook.

He added that it needs to think about Chin state government on no authority of such kind of conference and it is unsuitable with the pattern of democratic government.

The southern Chin state conference has to review on the resolution of Chin National Conference (151) and to discuss about 21st century Pin Long (or) Union Peace Conference, and to form a group in related with national activities among four townships in southern Chin state.

However, the conference program was canceled the last hour after all the invites and representatives arrived in Mindat town from Paletwa, Matupi, Kanpalet and Mindat townships, for the order of President’s office.


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