‘No office, no work for us’: MP Nah Thang


(Interview): After four months of the new military government assuming power in Burma, the Union Assembly was held on 22 August for the second time, followed by the Region and State Assembly on 22 September.

Although the state government is established in Chin state, the opposition MPs has no proper position and responsibilities till date. In this regard, Khonumthung News interviewed MP Nah Thang, elected from constituency (1) in Falam Township, Chin Progressive  Party (CPP) in the 2010 general election.

Q: Do you have any proposals to submit at the upcoming Hlutdaw Assembly?

A: We cannot propose more than three items at the Assembly as per guideline. It is very limited. For Falam Township, there is no standard football and golf playground, and we need to propose the need for the Rih-Falam-Weibula-Kaley road maintenance.

 Q: What kind of responsibilities or duties is being taken by the state’s MP during in the first Chin state Assembly and the upcoming second Assembly session?

A: Nothing! But the cabinet Ministers may have some proposals. No initiative in terms of projects has been taken till date.

Q: As the first Hlutdaw Assembly has appointed you as Chairman of Chin state Legislative Committee, are you taking any initiative?

A: No. We are just sitting tight. It is like two persons being interviewed from Falam Township, me and my friend No Suan. We provided tables, chairs and salary for ourselves, but there is no pencil, no paper and no one is asking us to do anything, and we don’t even have the right to do anything.

 Q: Don’t you go to office?

A: There is no office for us except for our visiting Hakha town and attending the Hlutdaw meeting. We are sitting silently as there is no work for us.

Q: Is there any arrangement for office by the government?

A: No. Actually we are under the Township Administrative department. No one cares for us.

Q: How do people view and treat state MPs like you?

A: Most of the people don’t even know we are state MPs and they are not bothered about us. For instance, if we point out something lacking in a department to the employees, they never heed our advice or instruction. It is a very sad situation.

 Q: Why is this happening?

A: The system is yet to change for the better. No one understands that we have started to practice the system of democracy in our country.

Q: Did the Chin state Chief Minister consult state MPs like you for any state project?

A: The Chief Minister never consults us.

Q: How do you view Chief Minister U Hung Ngai? Will he work for Chin state?

A:  I think it’s little early to answer your question because it has been only five or six months and he will not understand the nature of the work at hand so early.

Q: What are the other Chin state ruling MPs doing?

A: They are traveling every day and working day and night, but I don’t know what they are doing exactly.


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