No Electoral Candidates Disqualified in Chin State


The Chin State Election Commission has not dismissed any candidates that registered to run in the general election on November 8, citing all as meeting the necessary qualifying criteria.

A total of 212 candidates initially registered and two withdrew, leaving a total of 210 candidates. The state’s election commission concluded that all were qualified.

“We have already finished the checking process. All registered electoral candidates are qualified,” Lin Kyaw, secretary of the Chin State Election Commission, told Khonumthung News.

Political parties and individual candidates registered on July 25, and the election commission scrutinized their applications between August 11 and 17.

A total of 98 electoral candidates are running for the Chin State parliament, 63 for the Lower House, and 49 for the Upper House. They represent a total of 12 political parties.

According to Burma’s election law, candidates are qualified to run for office by being a citizen of Burma during the time of registration, by being on the eligible voter list, having parents who are citizens of Burma, and having lived in Burma for 10 consecutive years prior to the election. Candidates who are running for the Lower House must be at least 25 years old, and for the Upper House they must be at least 30 years old.

In Burma’s last election in 2015, 202 candidates ran, representing 13 political parties.


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