No accessible voting for persons with disabilities in Kalay district




A report said that there is no arrangement for easy accessible voting for 790 persons with disabilities voters in Kalaymyo district, Sagaing region for the upcoming 2015 general election in Myanmar. U Win Khan Pau, Chairman of Kalay District Election Commission said, “There is no special arrangement on voting for disabled persons as the system use in other countries. They have to vote same as other persons, but easy to accessible voting, parents, brothers or sisters could assist them in voting booth.”


Meanwhile, Pu VanKim, Chairman of Chin National Democratic Party suggested that the officials of election commission and other officials in related with election have to allow disabled persons to vote at their homes.


“We should not give any trouble for them. If district or block election commission really concern persons with disabilities, they can arrange voting at home for them along with elderly persons in the block. No need to concern which party they have to vote. In fact, we have no trust on voting at the booth as the officials are their men,” he added.


There are 375 male disabled voters, 415 female disabled voters, 126 voting booths and number of total voters is three hundred thousand in Kalay district.


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