NLD Reports Victory in Chin State Ethnic Party’s Stronghold


According to initial tallies, the National League for Democracy (NLD) is reporting that they won every parliamentary seat in northern Chin State’s Tedim Township, an area known as a stronghold for the ethnic Zomi Congress for Democracy (ZCD).

There were five parliamentary seats up for election in Tedim Township, and the NLD is claiming victory in all of them.

“According to the results, the NLD won in most of the areas in Tedim Township. Frankly, the NLD won all five constituencies. Polling stations already reported the results to the township election commission to approve the results,” Mang Hin Derl, the NLD candidate for Tedim’s Constituency 2 and Chin State’s current forestry minister, told Khonumthung News.

One independent candidate and 28 candidates from six political parties—the NLD, ZCD, Chin National League for Democracy, Union Betterment Party, Union Solidarity and Development Party, and the National Unity Party—ran for election in Tedim Township in Burma’s general election on November 8.

Two ZCD candidates running in neighboring Tonzang Township—Pau Lum Ming Thang and Cing Ngaik Mang—are claiming victory in their constituencies’ respective races.

The ZCD had won representation in six constituencies in Tedim and Tonzang townships in the 2015 general election.

“The situation is not good for the ZCD. [The NLD] can spend money. I think the number of votes is not much different. We are a financially poor party, so we cannot spend a lot of money,” ZCD secretary Pu Gin Kam Liang, told Khonumthung News, adding, “in a competition, somebody will win and somebody will lose.”


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