NLD Chair in Thantlang Submits Resignation Letter Following Corruption Rumors


The chairperson for the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Thantlang Township has submitted a letter of resignation, according to the party’s chair for Chin State.

In addition to serving as his party’s chair for the township, Pu C. Za Cung was elected as a Lower House parliamentarian for Thantlang in the November 8 general election.

A copy of a letter appearing to have been signed by Pu C. Za Cung, has been circulating on social media alleging corruption during the recent election. The letter said that six companies and their leaders supported the politician in return for business concessions through the education department.

Chin State’s NLD disciplinary committee investigated the matter and sent its findings to party headquarters. Before the party could respond from a national level, Pu C. Za Cung offered his resignation.

“I don’t think he [resigned]in line with our procedure. Those at the higher level haven’t ordered him to submit his resignation. He submitted his resignation letter on his own. Action by the party headquarters has yet to be taken,” Pu Zo Bwi, the NLD’s chair for Chin State, told Khonumthung News.

Khonumthung News called Pu C. Za Cung for comment, but he described the issue as “internal affairs” of the party and opted not to speak on it.

The NLD won 36 out of the 39 seats in Chin State in this year’s general election.


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