NLD Chair for Thangtlang Township Investigated for Graft


A copy of a letter allegedly signed by the chair of the National League for Democracy (NLD) for Thangtlang Township, involving corruption during the recent general election, has spread on social media.

The letter allegedly listed six companies and their owners who supported the politician in return for business concessions in the education department after he was elected to office in the township.

Zo Bwi, NLD chair for Chin State, told Khonumthung News the NLD disciplinary committee investigated the matter and sent its findings to the party’s headquarters. Although he didn’t know the results of the investigation, Zo Bwi was confident “necessary action” would be taken. “In my opinion, it shouldn’t have happened,” he said.

“I’m really angry and at the same time I’m upset,” said Salai Issac Khin, chair of NLD’s committee for winning the election in Chin State. Clear guidelines were sent to all NLD candidates they can accept donations but not “financial assistance with strings attached.”

The NLD won 36 out of the 39 constituencies in Chin State when citizens went to the polls on November 8. Opposition parties said the incumbent party won over 82 percent of the vote in the state because it spent a lot of money during campaigning.


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