NLD Candidate gets car accident in Hakha




Chin state parliamentary candidate and Chairman of National League of Democracy (NLD), Pu ZoBawi has got car accident at 7:15 am, on last Sunday in new market block in Hakha. The incidents was took place nearby traffic light turning point and he had mistakenly used his Parado car’s break and accelerator and had hit cloth and cosmetic shops, then the car was fell into road side 20 yards from the shops.


Although Pu Zobawi has no injury, the two shops were smashed. “As it was happened in Sunday, no one hurt on the way. It was the third times vehicle accident around here,” said an eyewitness.


In this regards, traffic department has been doing investigation and has asked some questions to Pu ZoBawi as per the rule and regulation.


Pu ZoBawi will contest in Hakha township no. 1 voting constituency for state parliament on 8 November general elections.


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