Nippon Foundation to give Ks. 1,800 lakh to Chin state



The Nippon Foundation in Japan will sanction Ks. 1,800 lakh for remote areas in Chin state through the Chin National Front (CNF), during the period of the peace process with the central government.

The Foundation will purchase rice bags at local market prices then distribute it in nine townships in Chin state. The amount of rice distribution in each township has been arranged by CNF and the Chin state government.

The breakup of the funds are as follows: Kyat 200 lakh for Falam township, Kyat 300 lakh for Paletwa township.

Kyat 250 lakh for Matupi township, Kyat 300 lakh for Thantlang township, Kyat 200 lakh for Hakha township, Kyat 75 lakh for Kanpalet township (Ks. 150 lakh had already been given earlier), Kyat 75 lakh for Tonzang township ( Ks. 150 lakh had already been given earlier), and Kyat 200 lakh for Tidim township.

“The distribution to all townships will be done in September. The rice bags will be purchased by Nippon Foundation’s officials,” Salai Biak Pum, in-charge of CNF liaison office in Thantlang town, told Khonumthung.

Nippon Foundation had distributed rice bags in Tidim, Thantlang, Matupi and Paletwa townships in Chin state in 2013.


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