Nineteen Chin households being forced to leave Mizoram


Seventy people from 19 Chin national households are being forced to leave Saikhumphai village of Champhai district, near the Indo-Burma border of Mizoram state, northeast India by local people of Mizoram.

Nineteen Chin households not included in Mizorma electoral rolls (vote’s list) have been asked to leave their homes since the last week of this month in Saikhumphai village, near the Indo- Burma border.

Saikhumphai village has 60 households and is located in Vaphai tract of Mizoram. Most of the villagers are from Falam township in Chin state and Kalemyo in Sagaing division, western Burma.

The Chin families were asked to leave Saikhumphai village on 16 January 2012 by Vaphai village authorities, but it extended the deadline after Champhai authorities asked them to stay in the village.

“Vaphai villagers came to our village and told us to leave by 16 January and they warned us that they would destroy our homes if we do not leave. But we have been permitted to stay for one week more,” said a villager from Saikhumphai.

The Chin families will start to leave Saikhumphai village this month and the Chin families who do not follow the order, will have their homes demolished by the local police. After that the Chin families will be evicted, said a local.

Now, some Chin villagers are preparing to leave their village, but most Chin families are in a dilemma wondering where they will go.

“Most of villagers are wondering where to go. They are shocked,” said a villager.

A villager of Saikhumphai told Khonumthung that Vaphai authorities have been trying to cancel names of those who are included in the electoral rolls of Mizoram and plan to evict them.

About 22 Chin families were driven out from Saikhumphai village in the first week of April 2011 by Vaphai village authorities, but now the second eviction is about to occur after some returned to Saikhumphai. Khonumthung news


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