New township administrator for Chin state


A new administrator for Than Tlang Township, Chin state was appointed in the last week of October after the authorities summoned Mr. Chit Ko Ko, former administrator to Naypyidaw, the capital of Burma.

Mr. Chit Ko Ko is facing charges of having received bribes in his office in July 2011 from two degree holders called for the interview of the village secretary’s post of Lung Ding village in Than Tlang Township. They gave two lakhs and five lakhs Kyats respectively. But the two youths applications were rejected.

A staff member of the Than Tlang administration office told Khonumthung that Chi Ko Ko seems to have been summoned on the corruption issue. The local UNSDP authorities are silent on this issue.

Mr. Rum Thang was appointed in the vacant post of administrator. He becomes township administrator after serving in Naypyidaw as tract secretary.

“The new administrator will understand the needs of local people and the people also will reciprocate. He will be practically precise in his post,” said a town elder from Than Tlang.

Corruption cases usually reported in the educational and health departments in Than Tlang. – Khonumthung News.


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