New political party to represent Chin people




A new party called the Chin League of Democracy (CLD) has been formed to contest in the ensuing 2015 election in Myanmar. It was registered under the Union Election Commission last month. CLD party will nominate candidates for the 2015 general election not only in Chin state, but also in Sagaing region, Kalay-Kaw, Rakhai state, Makui state and Yangon region, where Chin people are located, Salai Ngai San told Khonumthung News.


“We are waiting for the official party registration. We have adopted a strategy to contest from most states and regions in Myanmar, where Chin people are located. At the same time, we will have public consultations in Chin state next month,” he said.


The party has selected educated youths from various places in Chin state on 28 June in Yangon. They are as follows:-

Pu Ngai San    – Chairman

Pu Awm Haw – Chairman (1)

Pi Sung Zi Mang     –   Chairman (2)

James Dar Ro Thang   – Chairman (3)

Salai Pum Za Pian Pi   – General Secretary

Salai Aung Lian   – Secretary (1)

Salai Jimmy Ri Za Bui   – Secretary (2)

Pu Ngin Sung Mung   – Sceretary (3)

Pu Awm Khu Thang   – Treasurer with other 10 members


The Chin League of Democracy (CLD) party’s chairman Salai Nagi San was one of the founders of the Chin National Democratic (CND) party, which won the 1990 election in Myanmar, with Salai Ram Lian Hmung (L) and Dr. Lian Hmung Sa Khau (NCCT).


In the ensuing 2015 general election, Chin national parties – Chin League of Democracy (CLD), Chin Progressive Party (CPP), Chin National Democratic (CND) party, Ethnic Development Party (EDP), Ashu Chin National Party, Zomi Democratic Congress and Khumi National party will contest.


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