New COVID-19 Transmissions Confirmed in Kalay


There were nine new COVID-19 transmissions in Kalay town, located in Burma’s Sagaing Region, this Thursday (October 1).

Shar Mee, a parliamentarian for Kalay Township, told Khonumthung News the new cases were discovered on September 29 and 30, after 142 people were tested.

“I can’t confirm the sources of the (new) COVID-19 infections because some people returned from China,” she said while speculating the latest outbreak could be related to a teenager who recently traveled to Kalay by bus.

In the new cases, eight people are from the Sanmyo ward, located in Kalay town, bringing the total transmissions in the ward to 20. In addition, 2 transmissions were confirmed in Letpa Chaung and Nat Chaung villages. There are 22 active cases throughout Kalay Township.

The government issued a ‘stay-at-home order’ for the Sanmyo ward in Kalay Township. And residents have been instructed only to leave their homes in an emergency and wear face masks.

Over 200 are being quarantined at Kalay University, including those returning from overseas.

Last Thursday,  the government’s Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) recorded over 1,000 new cases across the country. MoHS reported there have been 17,794 transmissions on October 4, while 5,195 recovered and there have been 412 deaths.

With the exception of Karenni State (Kayah State), where no cases were detected, there are outbreaks in 205 townships in 14 regions and states in Burma.

There have been over 14,000 transmissions since August 16. Prior to this, only 374 cases and six deaths were confirmed since the first COVID-19 cases were discovered on March 23.


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